Establishing paternity benefits the father and the child

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Establishing paternity comes with benefits for both the father and the child. If you would like to establish paternity for your child, there are several options available to you.

Establishing paternity

In California, paternity can be established voluntarily through a form that both parents sign at the hospital where the child is born or at a local child support agency. It legally establishes paternity. If the parents are married when the child is born, the husband is presumed to be the father, but he can challenge this.

One or both parents can also file a petition with the court to establish paternity, which may require a genetic test. If the genetic tests proves that the man is the child’s father, it gives him certain rights and responsibilities.

Financial support and benefits

Once paternity is established, the child will have the right to receive financial support from their father. This includes child support and access to benefits like social security and health insurance. Child support is intended to provide for the child’s needs like living expenses and education.

It allows the child to know part of their biological makeup, including whether they may be predisposed to certain genetic or medical conditions in the future. Paternity allows the child to have a sense of emotional well-being and stability within their family too.

The established father can also petition for custody or visitation with the child. Legal custody allows the father to make important decisions for the child and physical custody allows the child to reside with their father. Both legal and physical custody can be shared between the parents.