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A Trusted Law Firm For Domestic Violence Issues

No person should ever have to endure physical or verbal abuse, especially from his or her spouse or partner. Likewise, no person should be allowed to gain an upper hand in a divorce or child custody proceeding by making false allegations of domestic violence.

At Macksoud Macksoud & Davis, LLP, in Torrance, we take allegations of domestic violence seriously. If retained by a client who has been abused, we do everything in our power and within the law to protect their rights and obtain the relief they need. If retained by a client who is facing allegations of abuse, we provide a comprehensive defense that uses the skills and tools we have developed through more than 40 years of combined family law experience.

If you live in Southern California and need an attorney who will passionately protect your rights in a domestic violence matter, we are here for you.

The Power Of A Restraining Order

If you are a victim of abuse, you may file a request for a restraining order. A restraining order may prohibit your spouse or another person from any contact with you, whether by phone, email, text messages or letters. In a request for a restraining order, you may also seek orders for child custody, child and spousal support, temporary exclusive use of a family residence or other property, as well as other rights and remedies.

A restraining order under the California Domestic Violence Prevention Act may have a serious effect on issues of child custody and visitation, as well as your job and financial security. If you have been served with a temporary restraining order, you should act quickly to obtain legal representation to defend your rights.

Talk To A Lawyer You Can Trust

Our attorneys have handled numerous family law cases involving allegations of domestic violence. We are here to listen to your story and help you understand your legal options. To arrange your initial consultation, contact us online or by telephone at 310-961-2989.