A summary dissolution can ease the divorce process

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Divorce is often viewed as a long and difficult process in California. With the long list of obstacles that must be overcome to end the marriage, it can be time-consuming and costly personally, financially and emotionally. However, not everyone needs to have a long and contentious dispute.

For those who meet certain criteria, a summary dissolution could be a viable alternative to simply end the marriage and move on. Still, despite its seemingly easier road, people must make sure that they are protected and do not make mistakes that can be problematic over the long term.

Know the qualifications for a summary dissolution

A summary dissolution is not for everyone. Only those whose marriage was shorter than five years, have no children, do not own a significant amount of property, are not asking for spousal support and have agreed on how they will split property they own jointly can get this type of divorce.

Other requirements include having lived in California for the previous six months and for three months in the county where the case is being filed. Regarding the rules, it is wise to know the details surrounding them. Having minor children under 18 or being pregnant at the time will mean that there cannot be this kind of divorce action.

In most marriages, people will have debt. With a summary dissolution, they cannot owe more than $6,000 together. When combining assets, the value cannot be worth more than $47,000. Automobiles are not counted when determining this amount.

In general, those who just want to end their marriage and move on without the desire or intention of maintaining any form of legal connection through paying support or with other common situations after a divorce should consider this process. It will save time and money and let the couple move forward.

The type of divorce depends on the circumstances

The objective of a summary dissolution is to speed the process for those who do not have many issues in dispute. In fact, it is likely wiser for those who disagree over property division, child custody, spousal support and more to take their time and avoid a quicker divorce.

Regardless of the apparent simplicity of a summary dissolution, it is still important to be fully aware of the law and how the case will be handled. This is critical to be fully protected during a divorce, no matter the circumstances.