Divorce is becoming a more viable option for older Americans

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Any time a couple in California is going through a divorce, there’s a lot on the line. For example, younger couples with minor children may prioritize custody and support arrangements over property and debt division. However, for older couples who may no longer have children in the home, the financial aspect of divorce can be a priority—and the reality of what to expect from post-divorce life can be too.

“Gray” divorce in America

A recent news article highlighted what might be considered a somewhat surprising trend: as the overall divorce rate for married couples in America goes down, the divorce rate for older Americans is actually rising. This goes against decades of statistics, when for years, older couples were among the least likely to consider divorce as an option when marital troubles arose.

As divorce becomes an option for older couples, different factors come to the forefront. Retirement accounts and benefits, for starters, can be a huge piece of the puzzle for soon-to-be ex-spouses who have hit retirement age, or are nearing it. Housing, health insurance and long-term care issues may also come up and play a more prominent role in a divorce case for older couples than they might in a divorce among younger people.

No matter your age, if you are contemplating a divorce, there are unique factors to your situation that must be evaluated. It is important to think about how your unique circumstances might play out in the actual legal process of a divorce case in California, and then how your life after the case will look.