Three ways to help children survive divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Divorce |

Parents who are going through divorce have more to worry about than who gets what pieces of property. Parents are also trying to navigate a split from their spouse while preserving their relationship with their children. The particulars for every family are different but some basic tips that can help the children through this process include the following.

#1: Recognize that transitions are hard.

The first day of school or a big move to a new city — these are just a few examples of life transitions that are hard. Divorce is another hard life transition. Although the transition is difficult it is important to remember that you, and your children, can get through this transition. When done with care it can lead to closer relationships and increase resiliency.

It is important to point out that this is true at every age. Adults and children alike struggle through transitions. This is a reminder that whether our children are elementary school age or adults with their own families the divorce is still a big life transition, and it is important to navigate the change with care.

#2: Know a little support goes a long way.

Medical experts point out that supporting not just your child as they go through this transition but their desire to have some time with the other parent can help to reduce the potential psychological impact of the divorce on the child. This can include limiting any negative comments about the child’s other parent.

#3: Take time to help build resiliency with mindfulness.

Mindfulness is as simple as checking in with your body, emotions, and thoughts. Encourage children to take a moment to practice mindfulness and have a discussion on their thoughts about the divorce. This thoughtful practice can serve as a valuable life skill children can use to help navigate any big transition in their life.