Is there a first-date tip to avoid divorce later?

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Dating these days is entirely different than even ten years ago. Especially for those at a time in their lives when marriage is on their mind, weeding out bad potential spouses has become extremely important. And, for one TikTok influencer, he believes he has a way of weeding out bad potential spouses on the first date.

What is the trick?

It is pretty simple, offer to pay, and see how the date responds. For men, this may seem chivalrous, but it goes for men and women. Some readers may see this as challenging the “traditional” male-female date, but in reality, it works for all dating couples because the goal is to see how the other person responds to the offer.

What are daters looking for after the offer?

In a word, entitlement. Think about it. On a normal first date, the two people barely know each other. At the end of the meal, at best, the two people are acquaintances, so if the other date already feels entitled to have their meal paid, failing to even fain an offer to pay, then, this entitlement will likely not end on the first date. Think about an entire relationship with someone with such expectations, and then, think about a divorce after years with that person. The mental picture that paints is not good.

Low-cost test

First, and foremost, do not take a first date to a place that you cannot afford. This ensures that this first-date test remains low-cost. At the end of the date, the bill should be well under $75, including drinks. After all, one does not want to invest hundreds of dollars into a date that is a threshold test. Plus, if a potential spouse is not happy with another potential spouse who will not spend hundreds of dollars on a first date, this too can be another good initial-test. After all, financial disputes are one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce, and realizing upfront that someone is both entitled and more concerned about money than a relationship can help one avoid a divorce-inducing spouse later.

Key takeaway

For Torrance, California, residents, we know, it is difficult out there. The dating scene is complicated, expensive and fraught with pitfalls. But, with this simple, low-cost test, daters can see if potential spouses are not just dating material but also marriage material.