Pursuing happiness through divorce

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Simply put, we are all in one way or another looking out for our own happiness and the happiness of those we love most, such as our children. Therefore, the decision to file for a divorce is usually rooted in an unhappy situation and the belief that you will be happier if you are no longer in a relationship with your spouse. This could be because they are emotionally unavailable, because they are poor at managing finances or because you no longer love them.

If you are considering divorce because something doesn’t feel right in your life, it is important that you take the time to reflect on your situation. While divorce might be the solution to all of your problems, there may be other needs that you have failed to identify and that you need to pinpoint to regain your sense of happiness and fulfillment. The following is an overview of why divorces tend to happen and how you can successfully address the unhappiness in your life.

Cited reasons for divorce

A 2013 study concludes that the most common reasons for divorce are a lack of commitment to the partnership, infidelity, conflict or excessive arguing, and domestic violence and substance abuse. Some of these reasons, such as excessive arguing, could be worked through using therapy. However, others, such as domestic violence, could pose a threat to you and your children’s safety, and it is important to prioritize this.

Reflecting on your situation

If you are considering a divorce, you should start by noting down the things that you hope to resolve by doing so and the ways in which you expect to be happier. Question whether it is viable that you could achieve this through working on improving your marriage, or whether divorce is a necessary outcome.

Making the decision to file for a divorce is never easy. However, by taking early action to understand the law and devise your strategy, you will have the best possible chance of a smooth process.