Is an amicable divorce possible?

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Each year in California thousands of divorce cases are filed. In the vast majority of these divorce cases, property division and alimony will be primary issues that need to be addressed in the legal process. In divorce cases in which the couple has minor children, child custody and child support will need to be addressed as well. Obviously, all of these issues can lead to some highly contentious negotiations and courtroom arguments. So, is an amicable divorce even possible?

As a recent news article mentioned, it could be. In essence, the article notes that there are two kinds of approaches to a divorce case. In one scenario, the divorcing couple spends all of their energy trying to hurt each other, primarily due to built-up resentment and anger. In the other scenario – probably the better approach – the couple attempts to calmly address each legal issue and, in the end, get the case behind them.

Tips for an amicable divorce

The recent article mentioned some tips that might help divorcing couples in California to keep their divorce cases amicable. For starters, the article mentioned that it is important to sort out some of the emotional aspects of the pending break-up early on, which could be accomplished by attending marriage counseling before the ultimate decision to go through with a divorce is made. Once the decision is made, the recent article stated that it can help to start to get legal advice early on about options that will be available in your own unique divorce case.

From there, the other tips in the article are for the divorcing spouses to communicate as necessary, understand the financial aspects of the divorce and, when necessary, to get support. There is no denying the life-altering impact a divorce can have on a person’s life. The right approach – perhaps an amicable approach – could make this important transition in life go much smoother.