Too much travel may lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Divorce |

Does your spouse travel too often for work? It may be necessary, but that does not mean it’s good for your relationship. 

For example, say that you work from home and you have no children. Your spouse usually works nearby but has to travel multiple times per month. Sometimes, the trips are for a week or more. There was even one trip that lasted nearly a month. He or she usually doesn’t know where these trips will go or how long they’ll last until right before they happen. 

That can definitely take a toll on your marriage. Most people believe that excessive travel by just one spouse can lead to divorce

It’s not that hard to see why. A strong relationship typically requires you and your spouse to spend time together. You have to invest in the relationship for it to keep working. That’s why dating is so important for young couples as they grow closer. But you can’t just give up on that after marriage. If you stop spending time together, you can drift apart. 

You also may feel lonely. You still love your spouse when they’re home, but they’re simply gone half of the time. Your friends are married and have their own lives. Those trips can cause resentment to build up and you may find yourself wishing for something else in your life. That’s when thoughts of divorce start creeping in. 

If this happens to you, and if you decide that you are going to end your marriage, you need to know what legal steps to take. Because every family is unique, every divorce is also unique. It’s smart to have some experienced legal advice as you plan your next move.