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Experienced Attorneys Protecting Your Property Rights In Divorce

One of the most important and often contentious aspects of any divorce is the division of marital property. You want to make sure you are receiving your fair share of the marital estate — and no more than your fair share of marital debt.

At Macksoud Macksoud & Davis, LLP, our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience handling complex property division matters for clients in Torrance and throughout Southern California. We are here to help you achieve a financially healthy post-divorce future.

Standing Up For Your Property Rights

When a couple divorces, all property and debt acquired during the course of the marriage, with a few rare exceptions, is subject to division. Property that gets divided in a divorce includes:

  • The family home
  • Vacation homes
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Bank accounts
  • Stocks, bonds and other investments
  • Retirement accounts, including pensions and 401(k)s
  • Business and professional practice assets

We have the skill and experience to handle complex property division proceedings involving the distribution of high-asset marital estates. We draw upon our deep knowledge of California community property laws to help our clients make wise decisions. In the heat of a divorce, it may be tempting to fight over “pots and pans” just to make a point. We will work with you closely to gain an understanding of what property holds the highest value to you so we can fight for what truly matters most.

Protecting Your Financial Future

The outcome of property division proceedings will have a significant impact on your financial future. We are here to put you in the most advantageous position as you look ahead to post-divorce life. To speak with an experienced property division lawyer in Torrance, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 310-961-2989.