Why January is sometimes called divorce month

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Choosing to divorce is never easy. Even after deciding that divorce is the best option, how to tell your spouse, and when, is difficult.

January is sometimes called “divorce month” because a high number of divorce filings tend to occur then.

International Child-Centered Divorce month

This increase in filings was the inspiration for the Child-Centered Divorce Network naming January International Child-Centered Divorce Month. The goal is to spread awareness about the potentially harmful effects a divorce can have on children.

There are various reasons that many divorces happen in January.

Almost no one wants to divorce during the holidays

People typically want to wait until the holidays are over to tell their spouse they want a divorce. Having one last holiday season together as a family is important.

Additionally, the holidays provide us with a chance to take a break from our daily lives. There are parties to attend, friends and family to see and beautiful sights and sounds.

These things can not only be a welcome distraction from an unhappy or failing marriage, but they can temporarily mask these problems.

During the holidays, you could decide to give your marriage one more chance. However, once the reality of January sets in, you could quickly realize that the sights and sounds of the holidays lulled you into a false belief that your marriage was going to survive.

January means a fresh start

Finally, the start of a new year is when people set goals and decide to make major changes in their lives. If one of these changes is getting out of an unhappy marriage, January is the time people want to do it.

No matter when you decide to divorce, it is important to not go through the process alone. California has complex divorce and custody laws.

Understanding your rights and what to expect from a divorce can make a huge difference in your divorce experience. Having professional guidance is critical.