Can I get an alimony modification?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Divorce |

If you have a finalized divorce decree, you may wonder if your settlement is set in stone? What if you have major financial changes that alter your ability to pay alimony? With the costs of living in Torrance, California, it is completely understandable that many of us face financial challenges that may necessitate an alimony modification.

Can my settlement change if my finances change?

Yes. Alimony or spousal support arrangements are modified through the same family law court that made the initial divorce decree, if you find your financial picture changed after a life event or just life in general. However, the courts do not just grant modifications because you ask. Instead, you must provide proof that your finances are different. You must establish that your financial state is vastly different from the divorce stage.

What if we both agree to alter the spousal support?

There is another option for altering spousal support or alimony payments. If you and your former spouse agree to change the amount, California courts will honor that choice. However, this path still requires a judge’s approval, and both parties must cooperate throughout the modification process.

What if I need help with the process or with providing proof?

Divorce settlements are not set in stone, and judges understand that finances are volatile. If you can establish a clear change in your financial situation, a judge may offer relief.

You may also find a Torrance, California, attorney’s guidance helpful in determining whether your finances have changed enough to justify an alimony modification. Alternatively, you could also argue that your former spouse’s financial outlook has drastically changed as well. After all, if they won the Mega Millions jackpot, alimony from you would likely no longer be reasonable.