In Jolie–Pitt divorce, the kids cannot testify

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Divorce is complicated. This is especially true for divorces involving children, and this even includes celebrity divorces, like the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This has been exemplified by a recent ruling by their family court judge.

Judge rules kids cannot testify

The judge that is presiding over the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Judge John Ouderkirk, has ruled that the couple’s children cannot testify on their preferences for child custody, like which parent should have primary, or if a parent should have primary, custody. Specifically, he declined to hear evidence.

The plea to let the children testify

Jolie claims the children’s testimony is relevant to the children’s safety and well-being, which is a key concern in child custody cases. As a result, she claims that this was the improper exclusion of evidence. Though, neither the court documents or Jolie herself has elaborated on the nature or scope of those safety and well-being concerns. However, she has filed an appeal with the California Second District Court of Appeal to have the judge’s order reversed.

The ongoing divorce saga

The Jolie/Pitt divorce has been ongoing since 2016 and has grabbed headlines multiple times over the last five years. The initial filing occurred after the couple disagreed over taking the kids back-and-forth between France and Los Angeles, in addition to abuse allegations that, allegedly, occurred during those private flights.

Child custody for the rest of us

For Torrance, California, residents looking for a divorce, if they have children, an attorney is essential. The Jolie/Pitt divorce shows that the child custody part of the case can be an entire litigation itself that can cause months, if not years of delays. This is why contacting and attorney is so important.