Spousal support in a California divorce

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There are many difficult issues that Southern California residents must confront when they choose to end their marriages. Often matters related to children and money are prioritized for those who wish to go through the divorce process. Divorcing parties must know that they can support themselves and their dependents once they are out of their marital relationships.

While child support is intended to provide for kids once their parents end their relationships, spousal support is the tool that individuals can pursue to ensure they have the financial power to live post-divorce. This post does not provide legal advice but offers individuals information on when and how spousal support may be included in the divorce process.

Seeking spousal support during a divorce

Spousal support is a common issue that California residents resolve during their divorce proceedings, but it is not a part of every divorce. That is because some individuals are financially able to support themselves once their marriages are over. Spousal support serves the needs of divorcing parties who were dependent on their spouses’ incomes.

Additionally, spousal support can be agreed to by the parties outside of a formal hearing. When two people agree to a spousal support contract, their agreement can be included in their final divorce order. Not all spousal support determinations are created by the courts.

Factors included in spousal support determinations

When divorce courts do decide if spousal support is appropriate, there are a number of factors they review to decide if such a request is appropriate. Those factors can include:

  • How long the parties were married
  • Age and health considerations
  • The marital standard of living
  • The ability of the parties to seek employment

When necessary, courts can award individuals support from their ex-spouses so that they can pay for their needs and have their financial requirements met. Seeking spousal support is an important part of many California divorces. This post is informational in content and questions about spousal support can be directed to trusted family law attorneys.