Add virtual visits to your parenting plan

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Custody |

Moving away when you go through a divorce is sometimes necessary for you to enjoy a fresh start. In some cases, this is because you have to make a career move or to be closer to family members. While it might be necessary, you might find that you have a challenge before you if you have children. This is because your children will need to be able to see their other parent. 

Some parents are able to work out a travel plan that enables the children to see both of them on a regular basis. If this isn’t possible, the parent who isn’t currently with the children might need to use virtual visits to keep in contact with the children. This isn’t necessarily a replacement for in-person visits but it is a good way to bridge the gap between visits. 

Virtual visits can use a variety of methods to help the parent and children remain in touch. You can use things like video chats, instant messaging, texts and emails to communicate with each other. One key to making this work is that they must be uncensored in the same way as an in-person meeting would be. This means that the parent who is with the children can’t try to control what the child says, hears or sees as long as there isn’t anything that’s against the parenting plan or that could be considered abusive or improper. 

When you’re setting up the parenting plan, consider adding in the terms of the virtual visits. These can include the schedule and method for them. Anything else you feel is important, such as the ban on censorship or monitoring by the other parent, can also be included.