Can a mother seek paternity testing for her child?

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Out of all the things that should be important to you, knowing who your child’s father is should top that list. When you believe that a man is your child’s father but he won’t respond to requests for a DNA test, it may be time to seek support from your attorney and the court system.

It is a child’s right to know who their biological parents are. If you, as a mother, aren’t sure who your child’s father is but know who could potentially be the father (or you know for certain but the father won’t take responsibility) then you should reach out and seek paternity testing

Genetic testing is simple. It’s noninvasive, so no one should have trouble having it done. However, some people may want to avoid it, especially if they don’t believe that they’re the father of a child or just want to avoid responsibility. If you find that you are in a situation where the likely father of your child doesn’t want to take the DNA test, your attorney may be able to help. 

Your attorney can help you seek a court order for a DNA test. Once the court agrees to order it, the other party should go through with the test without delay to avoid legal trouble. If you do plan to seek this test, remember that you should have as much evidence as possible that this person could be your child’s father, whether that’s a history of your time together or evidence that they previously accepted paternity. Your attorney will help you build your case to seek the court order you need.