Questions people ask about divorce

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Getting divorced can be stressful and not only for the reasons you think of first. Yes, ending a relationship is stressful in its own right but remember that most people have never gone through it before. That means it brings a lot of unknowns. They feel like they have to figure it out as they go, and they know how important it is to get it right.

As such, they tend to have a lot of questions. Many questions you have are probably specific to your individual case, but you may also have broader things you want to look into that impact most divorce cases. Examples include:

  • How long is this process going to take?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • Will I still get to see my children?
  • Do we have to divide all of our assets?
  • Does it matter if my spouse was unfaithful to the marriage?
  • What is the difference between physical and legal custody?
  • Can your spouse ask for a divorce even if you do not want one? Conversely, can you ask for a divorce if they don’t want to end the marriage?
  • Are separation and divorce similar? What are the differences?
  • What are the first steps that every couple needs to take when splitting up?
  • What are the state laws that govern divorce?
  • Does the length of the marriage play a role?
  • What decisions does the court get to make about issues like child custody, and which ones does the couple get to make?

If you have already been asking some of these questions, make sure you really take the time to look into all of your legal rights.