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Move Away Orders

Relocating with Children Following a Separation or Divorce

California laws regarding the rights of parents to move with a child or to oppose the relocation of a child are complex and contain a number of factors that must be considered. Does one parent have sole custody or do both parents have a significant custodial relationship with the child? Does the existing court order grant considerable visitation rights to the non-custodial parent that would be infringed upon by a move? Is a move in the best interests of the child? These and other factors should be considered and discussed with an attorney before relocating children a significant distance from their current residence.

Protect Your Rights Retain a Lawyer

If you reside in Southern California and need to speak with an attorney about your right to relocate or you oppose the relocation of your child, contact Macksoud & Macksoud in Torrance, California.  With our 40-plus years of combined family law experience, our attorneys are pleased to provide clients in Southern California with competent and effective legal representation regarding move-away matters.

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